Call for papers RES 3/2017

Reformation and Orthodoxy 

500 years of the Reformation: depending on country and church, the commemoration of this Jubilee takes rather different shapes. For some, it bears  a particularly festive character, for others it is an opportunity for looking (back) at one’s own identity, and then again for others to reflect especially on missed opportunities: instead of the hoped-for reform  of the one Church it got to be the creation of confessions that each underwent their own different reforms: Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican, Reformed.

In spite of particular outstanding  initiatives for dialogue, such as the 16th century correspondence between Tübingen theologians and Patriarch Jeremiah II of Constantinople, and the 17th century correspondence between the Archbishop of Canterbury and patriarch Cyril Lucaris,  Orthodox Churches apparently remained, at the time, untouched by the Reformation. From an Orthodox stand, the Reformation has been perceived up to the present mainly as a division of the Western Church, which has not directly concerned it. However, due to migration movements, the points of contact have considerably grown in the recent past. Different Orthodox churches have also faced the challenge of addressing Reformation theology in official dialogues. Issue no 3 for 2017 of RES aims to voice, on the one hand, the Orthodox perspective on the Reformation and its defining topics, and, on the other, reformatory influences that the Reformation might have had on Orthodox Churches and theology.

Where are such contacts to be located in history? How could Orthodox Churches today learn from the Reformation, and to what extent do Orthodox Churches continue to fence themselves up from the Reformation as before, or even more than before? Are there efforts towards reforms within Orthodox Churches, or does the term “reform” echo a negative meaning? Have the official dialogues between these churches brought them closer together? Are there other levels of encounter and mutual influence that play a role in this respect?

Deadline: July 1, 2017


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