The article must contain the following details:

  • the title of the article
  • author’s name and surname, information about his/her profession and the institution to which he/she belongs
  • author’s e-mail and post-address
  • an English abstract with the main ideas of the article (5-10 lines, at the most 850 characters without spaces)
  • between 5 and 10 keywords in English

The article must consider the following guidelines:

  • the articles will be written with TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 points
  • for quotations please use the following quotation signs: “….”. For a quotation within a quotation: «……» ; quotations that are longer than two lines are to be block-quotes as paragraphs with larger indentation than the main text, without quotation marks, written with TIMES NEW ROMAN, 11 points
  • references will be written with TIMES NEW ROMAN, 10 points
  • footnotes will be written as follows:
              • the first reference will indicate the author’s complete name and surname, the title of the cited work in italics, publishing place, colon, Publishing House and year, the respective page; if there are more publishing places, these will be separated by a hyphen: e.g. London – New York – Berlin
              • the next references to the same author and work will specify the initial of the name and the complete surname, the beginning of the title of the cited work and the respective page
              • in the case of two authors, insert both names separated with a comma. From three authors above, only the name of the first author is inserted followed by et al.
              • for the citation of journal: author’s name and surname, the title of the article in inverted commas, the word ‚in:’ followed by the name of the journal (in italics), the publishing year and in brackets the calendar year (if necessary, in front of the calendar year specify the issue number separated by / ). For electronic sources, please insert the link and the date of access
              • for the citation of diploma/thesis papers: author’s name and surname, the title of the work (in italics), the year of defence, scientific adviser’s name and surname, the institution where the paper was defened, the respective page
              • if a name occurs twice consecutively in the bibliographic information, the second occurrence is to be replaced by Idem. If a reference to the same article or book occurs more than once, consecutively, the title in the second reference is to be replaced by Ibidem
              • abbreviation op.cit. is not allowed
              • the article needs no bibliographic list at the end

The article is to be sent to both in WORD and PDF format Examples of references:

      • 1. Dumitru Stăniloae, Orthodoxe Dogmatik, Bd. I, Zürich-Einsiedeln-Köln-Gütersloh 1985, p. 109-131.
      • 2. Idem, Spiritualitate şi comuniune în Liturghia Ortodoxă, Bucureşti 2004, p. 24-28.
      • 3. Ibidem, p. 30.
      • 4. Hans Jonas, “The Concept of God after Auschwitz: A Jewish Voice”, in: The Journal of Religion 67 (1/1987), p. 13.
      • 5. D. Stăniloae, Spiritualitate şi comuniune, p. 35.
      • 6. Adrian Marinescu, “Pelerini români la muntele Sinai”, in: Revista Ecumenică Sibiu 1 (1/2009),, viewed on 12th May 2010.