RES Editorial Team Member Antoaneta Sabău Facing Critical Health Concerns

In late June of 2021, Review of Ecumenical Studies Editorial staff member and Institute for Ecumenical Research researcher Antoaneta Sabău suffered a severe case of cardiac arrest due to a previously undiagnosed cardiomyopathy.  She remained in the intensive care unit of a regional hospital throughout much of the midsummer.  As of early August, her overall condition remains critical, with her heart in a very severe situation, with it presently functioning at a very low capacity. A heart transplant will eventually be needed; another procedure to prevent another cardiac is being planned in the immediate future. Although the first signs of neurological recovery appeared only in late July, she is presently able to communicate in the numerous languages with which she has fluency to various degrees, and initial indications are that the outlook for long-term rehabilitation is positive.

Antoaneta has been one of the most active editorial members of the Review of Ecumenical Studies (RES) since the spring of 2016 when she became a full-time researcher at the Institute of Ecumenical Research. She has thus far coordinated two issues of RES: Translating Confession (co-edited with Stefan Tobler), and Ecumenism at the Turn of the Decade, and has substantially contributed to several issues of RES, including several not yet fully prepared for publication. Antoaneta has also been a driving force behind the Dan Slușanschi School for Classical and Oriental Studies as well the Andre’ Scrima Fellowship, as well as other initiatives affiliated with RES and the Institute.

Updates on the health of Antoneta Sabău will be made periodically via our website and social media. Personal inquiries can be sent to  The RES board, staff and greater academic community of RES join many others in extending both their personal and professional support to Antoaneta and her family during this difficult time and look forward to her re-joining the Review as soon as possible.

RES Editorial Team