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RES Editorial Team Member Antoaneta Sabău Facing Critical Health Concerns

In late June of 2021, Review of Ecumenical Studies Editorial staff member and Institute for Ecumenical Research researcher Antoaneta Sabău suffered a severe case of cardiac arrest due to a previously undiagnosed cardiomyopathy.  She remained in the intensive care unit of a regional hospital throughout much of the midsummer.  As of early August, her overall condition remains critical, with her heart in a very severe situation, with it presently functioning at a very low capacity

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The Review of Ecumenical Studies Received the Highest Ranking Among Romanian Scientific Journals

The National Council for Scientific Research, through its Commission for Humanities, initiated during the last months of 2020  the evaluation of Scientific Journals and Publishing Houses in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Last conducted in 2012, the re-evaluation is projected  to take place from now on every four years …

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